Recreational Calculation...

Considering that when one drinks 12 oz of soda the body must raise the temperature of that soda from near freezing (32 degF) to body temperature (98 degF), what is the net caloric content of a "one calorie" Diet Soda?

Note that one food calorie is not the same as a thermodynamic calorie, and that 1 cal/(cc deltaC) is just "shv_water".

1 foodcal - (12 floz * (1 cal/(cc deltaC)) * (98-32) deltaF) ? foodcal
= -12.0124 foodcal
Could they make it taste better with 13 calories and call it 0?

How many 12 inch helium balloons does it take to pick up a 5 pound cat?

Note: dens_helium is not in WWW version database, neither is the volume of a balloon so we will define them as new units...
Note: You can only define new units in the Windows version of Calchemy.

dens_helium = 4.0026 gram/mole; volumetric_gas_const
balloon = (4/3) pi (6 inch)^3

(dens_air - dens_helium); 5 pounds ? balloons
= 137.284 balloons

At what rate do rain drops hit your head in a rainshower that is dropping 1 inch/hour?
Assume: Each raindrop is about 0.2 cc in volume, and the top of your head is circular with a radius of 3 inches.
1 inch/hour; pi (3 inch)^2; 0.2 cc/drop ? seconds/drop
= 1.55396 seconds/drop

How much heat does a kerosene lamp produce?

Assume the lamp burns 12 hours on one quart of kerosene.

1 qt; hcv_kerosene; 12 hours ? watt
= 826.703 watt
Good for reading by on a cold winters night :-)

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