Why Calchemy?

History and publication provide us with an enormous number of facts, figures, and relationships about the constituents of our world. Making sense of this information is both interesting and imperative. Calchemy makes it easier.

One of the most frustrating elements of real-world calculations is that, more often than not, units conversions are required to get the data you have into a form that is compatible with a known physical relationship. This is a result of the widespread use of so-called "practical units" that are prevalent in almost every field of technology.

The use of practical units is grounded in history and experience, but this use often makes calculation tedious. Calchemy eliminates the tedium by allowing the parameters of an equation to be expressed in any convenient units of measure. Calchemy checks the equation and parameters for dimensional consistency and makes all the necessary units conversions automatically.

Units conversion is a time consuming and error prone step in what should be the mechanical application of data to a relationship. Calchemy performs this mechanization and allows results to be expressed directly in familiar terms, affording an intuitive understanding that otherwise requires considerable extra effort.

Calchemy makes simple units conversions handily, of course, but its real contribution is that it eliminates the need to make them at all!

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