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Calchemy™ is an exciting new tool that combines automatic unit conversions with a scientific calculator to simplify real-world problem solving. Calchemy is a kind of universal translator that understands both the numeric and physical relationships between various units of measure.

With Calchemy you simply enter the parameters of an equation, along with each parameter's native units, and you get the numeric result expressed in the units you want. In many cases a magical technique built into Calchemy called Solve By Dimensional Analysis can even derive the algebraic equation relating the parameters for you!

If you do any real-world calculations, calculations that involve mixed units of measure, including both Metric (SI)and English units, or if you just happen to enjoy recreational calculation you really should try Calchemy.

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Calchemy allows you to perform dimensional arithmetic, analysis, and conversions using any standard units. Calchemy "understands" the relationships between these units and performs conversions for you automatically as needed. It also checks your equations to ensure that they are always dimensionally correct.

Calchemy now runs as javascript, entirely in your web browser -- just open calchemy.html and start having fun! You can verify Calchemy's operation by clicking the "Test" button. The public Calchemy github repository is here.

Calchemy has actually been a long time in the making, if your interested in knowing what's come before, please take a look at the Calchemy History Page
While they have all been FUN, you will notice that the BIG DIFFERENCE between this latest version of Calchemy and all previous versions is that this one is FREE!


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